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What are Walmart Underperforming Listings? And How Do I Fix Them?

Walmart regularly removes listings that aren't driving sales. Learn more about underperforming listings, and what you can do to ensure your listings stay live.

Walmart's customer experience standards have strict rules about listing performance. If a listing for an item is deemed "underperforming", it is moved to an inactive state, and the seller may receive a direct email from Walmart confirming the change.

Walmart Partner Support says,

"We actively monitor our catalog to ensure every item and every seller measures up. Because having the right assortment on our site is essential, Walmart.com is implementing a policy to remove listings we deem underperforming. Underperforming items will be unpublished."

Read on to learn more about underperforming listings.

How are underperforming listings identified?

Walmart monitors all listings to ensure they meet customer satisfaction standards, and advises all sellers to focus their efforts on the following when listing items for sale:

  • Offering great items that Walmart customers view, shop, and love
  • Providing the best item content to make items appealing and impactful
  • On-time shipping and delivery, and as fast as possible (two-day or the next day)

How often will underperforming items be moved to inactive?

Items may be removed at any time.

How will I know if my items are removed for underperformance?

In your Walmart Supplier Center, check the "Manage Items" page and view the Status column to find unpublished items with “Underperforming” in the explanatory text.

Will I have the opportunity to re-list items to improve their performance?

Yes, you can re-list your items. If you choose to re-list underperforming items, you should improve the listings instead of re-listing them as is. If the same item is removed multiple times, Walmart reserves the right to archive that item permanently.

My items are seasonal; will they be removed during the off-season?

Items are generally evaluated over a period of time that is sufficient to avoid seasonality as a factor.

What should I do if my listings have been removed?

Walmart advises that you re-list the product with upgraded details and listing information. There is nothing stopping you from attempting to re-list these items, but it would be worth reviewing the submitted information to ensure that the item is optimized. Utilizing Marketplace Management, you can attempt to re-list the item through the new application or via file upload.