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Why can't I see information about buyers for Amazon orders over 30 days?

Marketplace Management adopted data protection policies to limit access to personally identifiable information (PII) for buyers.

In April 2020, Marketplace Management is adopted Amazon’s data protection policies: MWS Data Protection Policies. These updates are requirements that limit access to personally identifiable information (PII) for buyers. These updates affect all integrators that use the MWS API, which includes all listing, repricing, and order management tools.

PII data includes names and addresses of all buyers and we are required to remove them from our data after 30 days, therefore all order information in the application, exports, and order requests to rest.selleractive.com will not return the following fields for Amazon:

  • Name, Address, City, StateOrRegion, Country, PostalCode, Phone, and Email

We recommend you obtain this information directly from Amazon for orders over 30 days. You may also export order information on a regular cadence from Marketplace Management Orders Workspace using the "Export all to CSV" option.