Why Cart Attribution AI drives better marketing insights

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Introducing Cart Attribution AI

At the core of every successful marketing effort is an understanding of which channels are giving you the best return on ad spend. As the customer journey has become increasingly complex with many interactions, it’s even more challenging to identify where your marketing investment is most effective.



Cart’s AI-powered, multi-touch attribution model helps you understand how much each interaction in the customer journey contributes to conversions. The end result? You can focus your marketing dollars on the root causes of conversion, not just the last interaction. 

The Problem with Traditional Attribution Methods

Most big-box companies use one of the three traditional attribution methods:

  1. First Touch: First interaction gets credit for the conversion

  2. Last Touch: Last interaction gets credit for the conversion

  3. Linear: Credit is split equally across all interactions

First and last touch attribution ignore the many ads and channels a customer might interact with over their journey in favor of a single interaction. Linear attribution, on the other hand, splits credit evenly amongst all interactions but ignores the important reality that not all impressions have an equal effect on the customer.

What if you could identify the root cause of conversions and allocate your ad spend based on that? Enter Cart Attribution AI.

How Cart Attribution AI Works

Cart Attribution AI helps you understand the contribution that each interaction (both view-through and click-through) makes to conversions. Knowing the net contribution of each channel to your conversions allows you to reallocate your ad budget to maximize your return on ad spend.

How does it work? Cart’s Attribution AI calculates each customer’s propensity to convert both before and after each interaction with an ad. The increase in the likelihood to convert, or incrementality, indicates how much that interaction contributed to the conversion.

Check out Cart’s Attribution AI Dashboard in Unified Analytics to see how you can use Attribution AI to optimize your marketing budget.