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Marketplace Management Free Trial - Repricing

Learn how to reprice using Marketplace Management and view answers to our most frequently asked questions.

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Learn How 

View a series of videos to walk you through how to reprice using Marketplace Management.

The videos will cover:

  • Understanding repricing strategy options
  • Creating repricing strategies
  • Applying strategies to listings
  • Seeing how your listings are repricing

    Please note: 
    Once your strategies have been applied and Outbound price settings turned ON, Marketplace Management will begin repricing once we receive new market data from the sales channel(s). If there are frequent pricing movements, your items may start repricing within minutes but can also take a few hours. To kickstart pricing changes, you may also change your price by $.01.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I add required price and cost information in order to reprice?

How do I apply my pricing strategy to my listing(s)?

How can I see if my listings are repricing?

How do I create a pricing strategy?

What are the available types of pricing strategies?

How can I price against or omit certain sellers to price against?

How do I add and update the columns in my workspace to see Price information?

In the Listings Workspace, make sure you have Prices and Preferred Prices filled out. Minimum and Maximum Prices should be filled out if you plan on manually assigning your min/max prices per listing for repricing.

How do I update my prices in bulk? 

In the Products Workspace, ensure you have Cost (required) and Fulfillment Center Cost (optional) filled out for all of your products if you plan on using dynamic min/max prices for repricing strategies. 

How do I update my Cost in bulk?

How do I update my Fulfillment Center cost in bulk?

What are dynamic minimums and dynamic maximums and how are they used?