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Getting Started with Cart Shipping

Get started with printing cheap labels from Cart Shipping.

Note: This article covers Cart Shipping setup instructions. For information on the Cart Shipping beta program, head to Cart Shipping Labels Management Beta.

In this article:

Cart Shipping Setup

  1. Ensure you are enrolled in the Cart Shipping Labels Beta. You can request access here.
  2. Add a FedEx, UPS, or DHL account on shipping settings. In step 4, you'll enable this on your location (fulfillment center) so the correct location uses the correct carrier.
    1. If you don't have you're own carrier account, you can skip this step and use Cart's carriers (currently USPS)
  3. Define custom packages and printer preferences.
  4. For each location
    1. Enable a carrier
    2. Configure carrier service levels
    3. Configure carrier packages
    4. Enable custom packages
  5. Double check you have the correct carriers, service levels, and packages enabled on each location.
  6. Select order(s) by visiting Cart.com/orders
  7. Buy shipping labels.

Cart is launching a new Order Management interface to help you find and manage your orders faster than ever. Additionally, you can print shipping labels using a carrier code without a platform fee starting in early May. Cart Order Management and Shipping are available for all Marketplace Management customers.

This article covers the Order Management experience. To learn more about the upcoming shipping labels feature, click here.

Questions or problems? Contact support here.



Can multiple carriers be used on the same location?

  • Yes

Can I used Cart carriers and my own carriers of the same type at the same time?

  • You cannot have a Cart carrier and your carrier, of the same type (FedEx), enabled on a location at the same time



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