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Commerce chronicles: June 17, 2024

Jun 17, 2024 - Alyssa Wolfe
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June 17 Commerce Chronicles | eBay, Hoka, Roblox, Walmart & more

Solana Labs launches a platform to boost customer loyalty, Hoka opens a new store in New York City and eBay assists the circular commerce movement. Plus, UPS launches RoadieXD and Walmart looks to grow marketplace selection.

In this week’s news, learn how brands are using Roblox and a new way you can focus on customer loyalty. Plus, find out more about Hoka’s new flagship store, what Gen Z and Millennials want and Walmart’s latest seller promotion. Visit our blog every week for a roundup of the latest commerce news.

Solana Labs launches Bond, a platform designed to boost customer loyalty

Solana Labs has launched Bond, an innovative blockchain-based platform aimed at enhancing customer engagement for brands.1 By leveraging blockchain technology, Bond allows brands to create personalized and transparent digital experiences that strengthen customer connections and loyalty. The platform addresses key issues in loyalty programs, such as losing direct relationships with consumers when products are sold through wholesale channels or resold. Bond provides insights into customer preferences, enabling brands to tailor individualized experiences and targeted outreach. It also ensures product authenticity through blockchain verification, protecting brands from counterfeits and reputational damage.

Bond's features include digital collectibles, product authenticity for luxury goods, digital identities for transparency and sustainability and collaborative campaigns with robust data privacy. "Bond equips brands with the tools to deliver personalized experiences, foster trust, and cultivate enduring relationships with their customers," shared Tal Tchwella, Head of Product at Solana Labs. "We're thrilled to introduce Bond as a game-changer for brands seeking to improve their customer engagement strategies, allowing them to design bespoke loyalty programs and rewards that encourage repeat engagement and increase overall customer value." The platform offers ultra-fast transaction speeds, scalability and low costs on the Solana blockchain, with a user-friendly integration process that requires no blockchain expertise.

eBay supports Gen Z and Millennials' desire for circular fashion

According to eBay’s 2024 Recommerce Report, over 70% of global consumers plan to buy used goods this year, with 86% having bought or sold a pre-loved item in the past 12 months.2 Sales of apparel and accessories labeled as "thrifted" on eBay surged by over 400% globally from March 2023 to March 2024. The report highlights that millennials and Gen Z are leading this trend, with 66% of Gen Z and 62% of millennials recognizing the personal importance of shopping pre-loved items.

Environmental concerns play a significant role, as 53% of customers view fast fashion as harmful, while 64% believe recommerce benefits the planet. Renée Morin, eBay’s chief sustainability officer, said, “Recommerce buyers are looking for value, passions and meaning in their purchases — with the added benefit of sustainability. Together, we’re propelling the Era of Recommerce.” Pre-loved items constitute 40% of eBay’s gross merchandise volume, with top purchases including clothes, books, shoes, and electronics.

eBay's commitment to the circular economy is reinforced by Jamie Ianonne, eBay’s CEO, who pointed out the company’s ongoing investments in tools and technology to support this market. The report, based on insights from over 28,000 sellers and buyers, underscores the financial motivation behind recommerce, with 72% of Gen Z and 70% of millennials prioritizing sustainability when selling items on eBay.

Hoka’s new flagship store in NYC to act as a community hub

Hoka has opened its U.S. flagship store in Midtown Manhattan, marking a significant milestone for the brand.3 Located at 579 Fifth Avenue, the 9,000-square-foot store is designed to reflect Hoka's origins in the French Alps and features 4,000 square feet of selling space and 5,000 square feet of back-of-house space. "The grand opening of our U.S. flagship store is a milestone for Hoka and underscores our brand's commitment to creating meaningful consumer experiences and helping more people find joy through movement," said Robin Green, Hoka president. The store will serve as a vibrant hub for the global running community, offering footwear, apparel, fit-testing services and a space for interactive workshops and exclusive product launches.

The lower level of the flagship will feature a community space for athletes to meet and share experiences. New product launches like the Cielo X1 and Skyward X will be displayed alongside iconic models such as the Bondi and Clifton. "This flagship encapsulates our dedication to innovation, fostering a vibrant community, and empowering athletes across the globe," Green added.

Hoka, born in the French Alps and acquired by Deckers Brands in 2012, has been expanding its brick-and-mortar presence with locations in Miami, Chicago, Honolulu, Orlando and various California cities. The brand's U.S. flagship in New York City joins its international locations, including a recently opened store in Paris that aims to attract the Olympics audience.

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How brands like Givenchy and H&M are using Roblox

Roblox, the immersive platform with over 77.7 million daily users, is becoming a premier destination for brands looking to create deep connections with a global audience.4 Renowned for its seamless avatar shopping and engaging experiences, Roblox offers brands unique opportunities to engage and market to consumers innovatively.

H&M invites users to "Loooptopia" on Roblox, where players can style avatars with custom clothes and accessories, showcase performances on the catwalk, and recycle old outfits to earn rare elements for a unique fashion adventure.5 Givenchy Beauty recently revamped its Beauty House on Roblox for Pride Month.6 The space features interactive pop-ups, a redesigned dance floor and exclusive virtual items, including the new Voyou bag. Sour Patch Kids has launched the "Sour Patch Kids Mischief Tycoon" experience, inviting users to engage in playful mischief within a fruit-themed virtual world.7 Fans can earn digital fashion items and 'phygital' rewards like merchandise and candy coupons. "Our fans can now enjoy Sour Patch Kids in a fun, interactive way," said John Vasington, brand manager at Mondelēz International, emphasizing the blend of in-game engagement and real-life rewards.

A recent study by Roblox reveals that 75% of users8 are more likely to notice brands advertising on the platform, underscoring its potential for impactful marketing. As brands continue to innovate on Roblox, they are finding new ways to engage with younger demographics, solidifying it as a vital future marketing tool.

Roadie unveils RoadieXD™ for enhanced 'Big & Bulky' deliveries

Roadie, a UPS company, has launched RoadieXD™, a new solution designed to revolutionize the delivery of large and irregularly shaped items.9 Leveraging UPS's efficiency and Roadie's flexible, same-day delivery model, RoadieXD™ facilitates ultrafast delivery directly from retailers' distribution centers through cross-dock facilities. This innovation addresses the complexities and high costs associated with delivering oversized items, enabling retailers to offer same-day delivery for products like big-screen TVs and mini-fridges within a 100-mile radius of cross-dock locations.

"RoadieXD enables retailers to deliver the big-screen TV their customers ordered anywhere, even over the threshold in some markets, as quickly as the same day," stated Roadie's founder and CEO Marc Gorlin. This service simplifies the logistics of delivering bulky items, which traditional carriers find challenging, making it a cost-effective alternative for retailers. RoadieXD™, which has already launched in metro Atlanta, is expanding to New York, Miami and Dallas, with further expansions planned for Chicago and Los Angeles. This new service promises to streamline the delivery process, reduce handling time and maintain the convenience and speed that modern consumers demand.

Walmart launches promotion to boost third-party seller offerings

Walmart is encouraging third-party sellers to expand their product offerings with a new promotional campaign.10 Sellers listing items from Walmart’s Assortment Growth Dashboard can receive up to 50% off referral fees, depending on shipping speed and competitive pricing. A 30% discount is available for new listings with competitive prices by July 31, 2024, with additional reductions for items using two-day delivery or Walmart Fulfillment Services. However, sellers must adhere to Walmart’s Customer Care Policy, prohibiting unsolicited marketing communications. This initiative aims to enhance Walmart’s marketplace by diversifying product selection and improving delivery speeds, which in turn can help retailers maximize sales potential on Walmart Marketplace. logo, Sell Everywhere title, woman smiling, global icon