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Remarketing Throughout the Full Funnel

Nov 05, 2023 - Seth Hagan
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Heading into the holiday season, it’s important to reach new prospects to strengthen your remarketing pool. By implementing a strategy that consists of a variety of programmatic marketing channels, you can reach users wherever they are and move them seamlessly through each stage of the sales funnel. Here’s how: 


Strengthening your remarketing pool will allow you to take full advantage of the holiday season during which users are constantly targeted by a variety of ads from tons of companies. If you’ve done your due diligence and moved the users through the sales funnel, they A) will be aware of your brand presence, B) will have considered your product before, and C) will be more inclined to purchase from your brand than a competitor.  

The holiday season is a critical period for nearly every brand, as it can either make or break revenue goals. With a surge in online shoppers and intense competition, it's increasingly challenging for brands to excel during the holidays. However, there are proactive measures you can take to set your brand apart and cultivate loyal customers. 

Begin your programmatic planning now, focus on optimizing your content, consistently prioritize your customers in every decision, and don't overlook the importance of building long-term value with your brand. By doing so, the holiday season can become not only the busiest time of the year but also the most successful.