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Newsroom advances leadership in end-to-end ecommerce with expanded headless capabilities

Nov 10, 2021 -
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HOUSTON, Nov. 11, 2021 --, the first end-to-end ecommerce-as-a-service provider, today announced the launch of a range of new and expanded headless commerce capabilities, further extending its leadership in the digital commerce arena. The new features are designed to support high-growth brands across all ecommerce deployments, providing maximum flexibility while enabling them to leverage the full power of's integrated ecommerce solution.

The new and improved headless capabilities include:

  • A robust commerce API enabling access to's entire universe of integrated back-end ecommerce tools, enabling ultimate flexibility via a streamlined and robust end-to-end solution
  • Effortless localization for global commerce, with the ability to build headless deployments in any language and easily cater to the specific needs or requirements of consumers across regulatory jurisdictions, currencies, etc.
  • A developer-friendly ecosystem with high-performance, cloud-native, and GraphQL-backed infrastructure to deliver optimal results without time-consuming maintenance and redevelopment chores.

By making's proven end-to-end ecommerce solution accessible via headless deployments, the new features enable brands to dramatically extend and customize their online sales presence — without giving up the convenience and reliability of the full-service ecommerce ecosystem. Brands can now use their existing platform to power tailored headless experiences via mobile apps, commerce-enabled marketing campaigns, B2B marketplaces, social media, voice-enabled smart speakers, and other device-specific applications.

The result: a best-of-breed ecommerce experience for both brands and consumers, designed to enable developers to build anything they can imagine, and to empower brands to evolve and keep on delighting their customers in the fast-changing world of digital commerce. With easy integration across a virtually limitless range of use-cases,'s headless capabilities allow brands to create any online sales solution they can imagine — while still depending on the seamless full-service benefits of's end-to-end solution to power their ecommerce operations.

"We started to put ecommerce brands in charge of their operations, and to give founders control over every aspect of their business," said Omair Tariq, co-founder and CEO. "With our headless offering, we're taking that to the next level by empowering brands to create tailored customer experiences across a limitless range of touchpoints, while retaining access to the streamlined and integrated business capabilities prized by's customers."

"As online shopping behavior continues to rapidly evolve, is committed to combining both end-to-end commerce and powerful headless deployment," said Mike Svatek, Chief Innovation Officer. "'s cloud-scale APIs enable developers to build nearly anything that can be imagined for the benefit of their clients and customers, enabling brands to evolve as fast as their shoppers."