and Google Cloud partner to accelerate DTC ecommerce revolution and Google Cloud partner to accelerate DTC ecommerce revolution

HOUSTON, Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --, the Ecommerce-as-a-Service (ECaaS) provider helping brands to thrive through and beyond the pandemic world of digital commerce, today announced a strategic partnership with Google Cloud to advance its mission and deliver robust, unified analytics for its 2,500+ brands.

As one of the first end-to-end ecommerce solutions providers equipping merchants with critical marketing, technology, and fulfillment capabilities, helps brands harness the benefits of treating data as part of their core DNA. By fusing all commerce and marketing data into a single source of truth accessed via a simple interface, empowers brands to drive better decisions and accelerate growth through data automation.

The partnership with Google Cloud enables to seamlessly deliver its product suite while providing multiple pathways for offering expansion. Today, brands on access a single platform of unified analytics across warehouse operations, storefront volume, and digital campaigns including Facebook, Google, and Amazon advertising. Because these cross-functional data assets are now one, brands can better identify root causes of trends and anomalies in campaigns, cart abandonment, sales, inventory, and returns on the platform. The partnership accelerates the speed-to-value this data will provide across a brand's ecosystem, equipping them with actionable intelligence to adjust procurement spend, modify promotional campaigns, or optimize revenue opportunities.

Additionally, the partnership with Google Cloud will streamline the development and monitoring of's machine learning and AI pipelines. This will generate richer experiences targeted to dynamic shopper needs, while brands will benefit from enhanced profit recommendations and Google Cloud's global scalability with near-zero downtime.The partnership will leverage each organization's core capabilities to strengthen existing relationships and open new customer opportunities.

The enablement of's unified data platform, including additional data-driven innovations on the horizon, provides for a powerful partnership of two organizations aligned around the value of data and scalability. "Brands have a huge opportunity to provide personalized ecommerce experiences for their customers by better leveraging their data," said Jim Anderson, Managing Director at Google Cloud & Member Of The GTM Advisory Board at CapitalG. "Together, we're empowering brands with technologies and services that unlock growth."

" is committed to democratizing access to world class ecommerce and data science for today's top brands. Google Cloud was an obvious choice for us due to their innovation in these spaces," said Chase Zieman, Chief Data Science Officer. "We're already building an ecommerce platform that starts and ends with Data as DNA, and by working with the best minds at Google we'll be able to bring innovative products to market even faster. Our commitment to the fluid integration and authentic harmonization of data is one of the most strategic and organic building blocks for a brand. This foundation will unlock unparalleled advancements in the prescriptive automation of commerce everywhere."