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The best supply chain, logistics and fulfillment blogs and websites to follow

Apr 10, 2024 - Alyssa Wolfe
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The best supply chain, logistics and fulfillment blogs |


Without resources, it’s difficult to navigate challenges or adapt to new behaviors and preferences. Staying current with industry news and trends is vital for businesses to remain relevant and competitive in their respective markets. It allows you to anticipate changes, evolve strategies and seize opportunities before their competitors. Possessing information can also spark innovation and inspires creativity, and helps you position your company as an industry expert and though leader, enhancing credibility and authority in the eyes of customers and stakeholders. Failure to stay ahead of industry developments can result in missed opportunities, outdated practices and ultimately, lead to the loss of market share.

To help retailers, clients, industry partners and more, we’ve put together a list of the best resources for trends and news in the supply chain, logistics and fulfillment industry.

Supply Chain Dive

Supply Chain Dive, a publication operated by Industry Dive, provides current, in-depth supply chain news and analysis. They cover impactful news and trends in supply chain management and topics such as operations, freight, logistics, regulation, risk, technology, procurement and more. In addition to journalistic industry insights, they offer opinion, industry press releases and a library of resources.

The Logistics of Logistics

Whether you like your content via podcast, video or article, The Logistics of Logistics offers expert insights and trends in all three formats. A podcast and blog hosted by industry expert Joe Lynch, the site covers logistics, transportation, warehousing, supply chain, technology and ecommerce. What sets this blog apart is the interview-style approach and the comprehensive knowledge gathered by Lynch from founders, executives and innovators in logistics and supply chain.


SupplyChainBrain is dedicated to helping supply chains stay agile as the ecommerce industry booms. The site is a supply chain management information resource that covers essential principles of supply chain management. SupplyChainBrain delves into the latest news, emerging trends, technologies and best practices. It also explores forward-thinking ideas and cutting-edge solutions, providing ongoing coverage and analysis as these concepts evolve and mature over time. On the site, you can find podcasts, videos, webinars and whitepapers from top experts in the industry. Topics range from warehousing and logistics to articles written for specific industries.

Transport Topics

Transport Topics is the go-to source for trucking and freight news. Those looking for trucking and logistics insights and trends can obtain them through Transport Topics’ digital news edition, e-newsletters, daily news briefs, podcast, radio show and more. The site offers topics that span regulation, equipment, technology, fuel, safety and logistics, and it also provides partner content and a library of resources. If you're looking for information about America’s infrastructure, trucking or the latest transportation industry business news, Transport Topics covers it all.


Multichannel Merchant

Multichannel Merchant covers more than just operations and fulfillment, it’s dedicated to the hottest topics in ecommerce. Find industry information about ecommerce, marketing, supply chain and anything ecommerce operations related. The site includes sector spotlights that features insights about returns, demand forecasting and sustainability and recommerce. It also has an extensive resource center. The operations and fulfillment articles discuss the customer experience, delivery, distribution centers, order management, shipping, fulfillment, the workforce and more. It’s a great place to bookmark when looking for all things ecommerce.

More Than Shipping

With more than 2MM people reading annually, More Than Shipping blog is a leader that discusses shipping, logistics, transportation, cargo and business. The blog’s hottest topics range from supply chains and industry news to 21st Century challenges. The blog even has its own downloadable app, making it easy to access trending industry news on the go.


Logistics Matters is an independent thought leadership platform for the supply chain and logistics industries founded and operated by Martijn Graat. LogisticsMatter offers insights from industry thought leaders who blog about the latest trends and innovations. The site also curates and shares essential news and background articles across LogisticsMatter's social channels.

The Loadstar

The Loadsar is a leading news source catering to shippers, logistics service providers and carrier suppliers managing containerized sea freight and air cargo supply chains worldwide. With over 52,000 registered readers, it boasts a diverse international readership. The publication prioritizes independent, high-quality journalism and commentary to enhance readers' knowledge and understanding of the global freight industry. By striving for authenticity and relevance, The Loadstar aims to be at the forefront of breaking stories, provoke critical thinking and encourage improvements within the global freight sector.

Supply and Demand Chain Executive

The digital-only magazine Supply and Demand Chain Executive features an array of premium articles, podcasts, videos, webinars and expert columns. Industry writers cover topics such as warehousing, transportation, software and tech, procurement, safety, sustainability and more. Supply and Demand Chain Executive releases content daily, and you can subscribe to their newsletter to get industry updates in your inbox.

Logistics Viewpoints

Logistics Viewpoints believes professionals need to stay ahead of the industry. They aim to filter out the noise and zero in on valuable emerging trends in the logistics industry, including technology, outsourcing, business practices and regulations. The blog covers topics like sustainable supply chains, industry best practices, current logistics news and content from sponsor blogs.

Inbound Logistics

Since its inception in 1981, Inbound Logistics has been pivotal in reshaping the transportation and logistics landscape. Initially advocating for realigning supply with demand and reducing inventory, it has evolved into a leading source of information and innovation in supply chain management. Inbound Logistics has demonstrated vision and leadership, pioneering the coverage of technology's impact on transportation and introducing concepts like 3PL. With a dedicated team boasting decades of experience, it continues to lead the industry in print and digital media, advocating for infrastructure improvements and shaping policy discussions.

Supply Chain Management Review

Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR) mimics the notable Harvard Business Review model. Columns and features about the supply chain are primarily contributed by supply chain experts, industry analysts and business professors. They cover software and technology, sourcing and procurement, supply chain education, transportation and logistics and other relevant industry topics. Visitors can also find case studies, podcasts and other excellent resources to better understand the supply chain and its innovations and complexities.


DC VELOCITY is an industry-leading multi-media magazine that caters to the needs of supply chain and logistics managers and executives. It covers all aspects of logistics and provides monthly information about best practices, emerging technology, labor issues, management trends, market research, special reports, equipment profiles, products and services and more. DC VELOCITY strives to have a conversational voice while acting as a trusted and reliable source of industry news and trends.

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