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Deliver Americas: Commerce & Supply Chain

Oct 04, 2023 - Rich Reba
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Ever since launching their pioneering event in Europe back in 2015, DELIVER has been focused on connecting major retail and brand influencers with the most inventive supply chain vendors. The event was much more an intimate meeting setting than it was your typical trade show, packed with retailers needing logistics and supply chain expertise.

Here are some key takeaways: 

  • Technology was at the core of almost all our discussions. The seamless integration of the merchant’s storefront with’s proprietary WMS/OMS, and the ability to have full order visibility and control, was a common talking point.
  • 3PL stability in an ever-changing landscape: The pandemic raised to the surface the important role order fulfillment plays in delivering the brand experience. With many mergers, acquisitions, and new business ventures within the logistics world, brands are desperate for stability.’s 20+ years of experience in space, our rapid growth, and our future growth aspirations were comforting to retailers.
  • Shipping cost savings were on almost everyone’s mind as we discussed micro fulfillment centers, in-store fulfillment, and multimode operations with a good handful of our scheduled retailer meetings.’s extensive parcel carrier relationships were front and center as retailers want more options to help satisfy their consumer demand while lowering costs.
  • Operational scalability was critical. Several retailers focused their attention on the scope and size of the operations: number of locations, strategic locations, size of facilities, warehouse automation. This attention stressed the forward-thinking approach retailers now hold as they enter 3PL discussions, with a clear understanding of the cost implications of having to graduate from smaller fulfillment providers.
  • International retailers want the US market. We talked to many brands that were EU/UK based but that had great interest in the US, wanting to make their initial break into the marketplace or expand their existing US operations.'s nationwide presence, and experience in the US market, was a big differentiator among other 3PL solution providers they met with.
The relaxed environment created by Deliver Americas allowed for real conversations with the right stakeholders. The relationships we made and the insights we gained will allow to continue to offer the best fulfillment services with the agility, flexibility, and stability brands are desperate for.