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Driving Sales with Bundling and Search Canonical URLs (Part 3)

Jun 14, 2023 - Ryan Schumacher
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Driving Sales with Product Bundling and Targeted Search URLs

Hello, Amazon sellers! By now, you've seen how Canonical URLs can boost product visibility and streamline shopping experiences. Today, we're moving into even more strategic territory. We'll explore how these URLs can bundle products and generate targeted search results.

Bundling Products with Canonical URLs

Consider the impact of offering your customers a package deal. It's akin to providing a two-for-one offer or a combo discount. And who doesn't love a good deal? Here's how it can look:

Let's say you sell both a Pack of 20 CCMB boxes (ASIN: B00I0TJHDO) and a pack of 3 wardrobe CCMB boxes (ASIN: B007GCH756). With Canonical URLs, you can create a single URL that adds both products to the cart simultaneously, like this: 

A simple click from your customer can add two of your products to their cart at once. It's a strategic move to increase the number of products per transaction, thereby potentially boosting your sales.

Crafting Targeted Search URLs

Next up is the power of targeted search results. By utilizing Canonical URLs, you can generate an Amazon search result page that features a list of specified ASINs. Think of this as creating a personalized storefront within the Amazon marketplace, showcasing only your products.

For instance, if you want to display two specific products in the search results, you can create a URL like this, replacing 'ASIN1' and 'ASIN2' with your actual ASINs:

Let Me Do It!

Once again, you can try these capabilities out now with our simple and free Amazon URL Builder in's Brand Console! 

I Have the URLs, Now What?

With your new arsenal of bundle URLs and targeted ASIN Search URLs, you're ready to create compelling sales narratives. During high-traffic periods like holiday seasons or sales events, your bundle URLs take the spotlight, turning special promotions into irresistible, well-assembled, time-sensitive bundles.

At the same time, the targeted ASIN Search URLs weave a strategic plotline through your content marketing. Penning a blog post or creating a video comparing your range of products? Slip in this URL. It guides the intrigued customer straight to a search results page showcasing all the items you've compared.

In essence, you're creating a rich, engaging shopping experience - offering a well-lit display of attractive bundles in a bustling marketplace, enticing your customers with irresistible deals and a straightforward journey to the check-out.

Next Stop: Precision Targeting with 2-Step URLs

Next, we're diving into advanced URL techniques with the '2-Step via Brand' and '2-Step via Seller' functionalities, to sharpen your precision in the Amazon marketplace.


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