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Precision Targeting with 2-Step URLs (Part 4)

Jun 14, 2023 - Ryan Schumacher
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Stay on Target with 2-Step URLs

Welcome back, Amazon sellers! We're closing out our series with the most sophisticated functionalities of Canonical URLs – the 2-Step via Brand and 2-Step via Seller processes. With these strategies, you'll refine your customer targeting and elevate your visibility in the marketplace.

Targeting with 2-Step via Brand URLs

The 2-Step via Brand functionality generates an Amazon search results page that's finely tuned by brand and keyword. This creates a more precise and targeted visibility for your products.

For instance, if you're selling Cheap! Cheap! Moving Boxes moving blankets, you can create a URL that leads customers to a search results page of all Cheap! Cheap! Moving Boxes products related to 'moving blankets', like this:!+CHEAP!+MOVING+BOXES 

Remember, the brand is case sensitive, so ensure you're matching exactly as it is listed on Amazon.

2-Step via Seller URLs: Laser-Focused Visibility

The 2-Step via Seller process takes things a step further by narrowing down search results based on the seller ID and a keyword. Imagine having the power to lead customers to a search results page that only showcases your products, without competition in sight.

For instance, if you're selling 'moving blankets' and your seller ID is 'A28RZTVEHVQ8H9', you can create a URL like: 

By using this, customers searching for 'moving blankets' will be shown only your products, highlighting your offerings and reducing the noise from competitors.

We've embarked on a deep dive into the realm of Canonical URLs, providing you with tools to fortify your Amazon sales strategy. Through mastering these techniques, you're not merely navigating the immense Amazon marketplace but paving your own road to success. Keep selling and keep thriving!

As always, you can try these tactics out now with our simple and free Amazon URL Builder in's Brand Console!