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Upper funnel storytelling: Problem and Solution

Jan 25, 2024 - Bryant Pham
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This creative story seems like it would be straight forward but it’s surprising how many brands get it wrong. And because this message happens at the very start of the funnel, it’s important to get right. The concept of problem/solution is simple: present a problem and explain how your product solves it. Most brands miss by not taking that extra step to pinpoint the exact struggles their users are dealing with and fully illustrate the way(s) their product addresses those concerns. 

The best way to learn about your customers’ problems? Go straight to the comments section. 

Organic and paid post comment sections are a glimpse into your customers’ minds. It’s where you can find out why they were in the market, why they chose your brand over a competitor, how they use it and most importantly for this creative concept: what problem your product is addressing.  

If your content isn’t garnering enough engagement to get a good read, try attaching a post-purchase survey or sending out a newsletter to get to know more about your buyers. The more you know about your current customers, the better you can tailor your creative and targeting to find more customers that fit your ideal customer profile. 

Once you’ve gathered a list of problems, it’s time to start testing. We like to be as specific as possible when designing and launching these ads. This not only allows us to pinpoint the exact problems that resonate the most with your audience, but also allows our clients to show their communities they’re paying attention, they’ve heard their concerns and they’ve developed a product or offering that will make their customers’ lives easier and (hopefully!) better. 


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