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Why copywriting matters & 5 tips to improve

Dec 03, 2023 - Lauren Silva
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When it comes to marketing products or services, we’re all trying to make a sale. But how do you get from point A (being a brand with a great product) to point B (successfully driving engagement)? Answer: compelling copy. 

So, if you thought copywriting was just a string of words on your website, we’re here to show you the value of meaningful writing—and the impact it can have. 

Here’s what we mean. 

Why copy matters

If you’re in the marketing world, you’ve likely heard content is king—and it is. Whether it’s website copy, email copy, social media copy or PR, the words your brand says can make a lasting impact on your audience if crafted correctly. Here’s how: 

  1. Copy differentiates your brand from competitors

    If you look around, a lot of copy can come across sounding really mechanical—but the best copywriters can sell a product without sounding like a robot. If you want to sound relatable, you need an in-depth understanding of your brand’s tone, what you offer, and who your audience is. If you can prioritize each of these factors when writing copy, people will gravitate toward your brand. 

  2. Copy clearly defines your goals and offerings  

    Want to hear something obvious? If you use clear and concise copy, it’s easier for people to understand what you’re saying (and selling). Don’t complicate things; be sure to write value-driven content, and you’ll see your ROAS go up.  

  3. Copy builds a better brand image

    Your brand image is how your audience perceives you. Copywriters who understand what image you’re trying to convey can create content that reflects your brand’s values in a way that builds trust, interest and ultimately—sales. 

Top 5 copywriting tips

Now that you understand the important role copywriting plays within your marketing strategy, try implementing these five tips to improve your own. 

  1. Be clear, not clever

    Great copy isn’t hard to understand. Skip the flowery language and lengthy sentences and just keep it simple.  

  2. Make each word count

    We’ve all heard time is money and the world of advertising is no different. You have maybe one second to capture the attention of your viewer, so get to the point. Cut the fluff and only say what needs to be said. 

  3. Sound like a human

    At the end of the day, copywriting is a tool to connect with your audience. So, the more human you sound, the more you’ll resonate with those reading.  

  4. Be credible, not condescending

    The best copywriting strikes the balance between information and relatability. You want to know what you’re talking about, but steer clear of sounding superior. 

  5. Don’t fear clickbait

    You’d have to have some great self control to not click on a headline that read “Make 20k with this One Tip!” We all want to create copy that converts, so don’t be afraid to lean into some thumb-stopping headlines.  


Compelling copy should reflect your brand’s values, serve as a connection to your audience and ultimately drive sales. Use the tips above (and our other growth marketing services!) to see just how impactful copy is to your business.