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Do you need ecommerce marketplace management? 6 signs it’s time to invest in a solution

May 14, 2024 - Alyssa Wolfe
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When to invest in ecommerce marketplace management |


Ecommerce marketplaces are crucial channels for brands to reach a wide audience of consumers. These platforms offer increased visibility and sales opportunities. They provide brands with a centralized space to showcase their products, compete in the retail space and capitalize on the trust and credibility associated with established marketplaces.

Amazon and Walmart marketplaces are dominant players in ecommerce, attracting millions of shoppers worldwide. In 2023, U.S.-based sellers sold more than 4.5 billion items, an average of 8,600 items per minute, on Amazon Marketplace alone. However, navigating these platforms can be complex due to their vast size, fierce competition and stringent requirements for sellers. Brands must contend with algorithmic changes and fluctuating fees, which requires constant optimization and strategic management of product listings. Businesses must also maintain brand integrity and reputation amidst counterfeit products, unauthorized sellers and pricing pressures poses. Yet despite these complexities, leveraging Amazon, Walmart and other ecommerce marketplaces can provide brands with unparalleled reach and growth opportunities while exposing them to a diverse customer base, making them indispensable channels for retail success.

What is ecommerce marketplace management?

In many ways, ecommerce marketplace management mimics developing retail marketing, sales and fulfillment activities – only it all takes place within a marketplace platform. Marketplace management solutions oversee and optimize the selling activities of a brand or seller on online places such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and others. Marketplace services oversee and optimize a brand's selling activities on online places such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and others. It can also cover content creation, SEO efforts and advertising.

Effective marketplace management maximizes visibility, sales and profitability on these platforms by ensuring that products are accurately represented, competitively priced and readily available to customers. It also involves staying updated on marketplace policies, algorithms and best practices to maintain compliance and leverage opportunities for growth. For brands looking to drive online success and expansion, marketplace management is vital.

How does a marketplace management solution work?

Ecommerce marketplace management solutions and services aim to accelerate a brand’s growth on marketplace platforms. These services are led by a team of experts with extensive knowledge of navigating Amazon Marketplace and other major marketplace platforms. These services can help with a number of tasks, including:

  • Platform management: Establishing and maintaining a healthy store.
  • Advertising: PPC management, including keyword research, bid management, ad creation and optimization.
  • Content: SEO optimization, product info, branded storefront and engaging informational content.
  • Strategy: Category and customer behavior analyses, market trends, product performance data and improved strategies.
  • Supply chain: Inventory management, order fulfillment, logistics, shipments and supply chain monitoring.

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6 signs you need a marketplace management solution

There are times in business when it’s difficult to go it alone. Luckily, in retail ecommerce, strategic partners and services can provide the support, guidance and tools you need to grow, thrive and scale. Here are six signs that let you know it’s time to invest in a marketplace management solution:

1. Declining sales

If you notice a consistent decline in sales performance on your ecommerce marketplace channels like Amazon or Walmart, it's a clear sign that your current strategies may not be effective. Investing in ecommerce marketplace services can help diagnose the root cause of the decline, whether it's due to issues with product listings, pricing, visibility or competition. These services often provide data-driven insights and actionable recommendations to revitalize your sales performance and regain momentum in the marketplace.

2. Limited Visibility

Visibility and standing out among the competition are critical for ecommerce marketplace success. If your products struggle to rank high in search results or fail to gain visibility, it's indicative of underlying optimization issues. Marketplace services can conduct thorough audits of your product listings, keywords and content to identify areas for improvement. They can also help optimize product titles, descriptions, images and keywords to enhance your product's visibility and increase the likelihood of being discovered by potential customers.

3. Inventory Management Challenges

Managing inventory effectively is crucial for meeting customer demand and maximizing sales opportunities on Amazon Marketplace, Walmart and other ecommerce marketplaces. If you encounter challenges such as stock-outs, overstock situations or inefficient inventory management processes, it's time to seek assistance. Robust marketplace services can implement inventory management solutions that automate replenishment, track stock levels in real-time and synchronize inventory across multiple channels. By optimizing inventory management, these services ensure that your products are always available to customers when they need them, minimizing lost sales and maximizing profitability.

4. Ineffective marketing strategies

Marketing plays an important role in driving traffic, conversions and brand awareness on ecommerce marketplaces. If your marketing efforts fail to deliver the desired results or lack a cohesive strategy, it's essential to reassess your approach. Ecommerce marketplace services can conduct comprehensive audits of your marketing campaigns, analyzing factors such as ad performance, targeting, messaging and budget allocation. Based on their findings, these services can develop tailored marketing strategies that effectively reach your target audience, drive engagement and increase sales.

5. Compliance and Policy Issues

Staying compliant with marketplace policies and regulations is crucial for maintaining a healthy seller account and avoiding penalties or account suspension. However, keeping up with constantly evolving policies can be challenging and time-consuming. A marketplace solution specializes in staying up to date with platform guidelines and regulations, ensuring that your business remains compliant. These services can conduct compliance audits, provide guidance on policy changes and implement best practices to mitigate the risk of policy violations and safeguard your seller account's integrity.

6. Limited resources and expertise

Managing ecommerce marketplace operations requires a diverse skill set and dedicated resources. If your internal team lacks the necessary expertise, time or bandwidth to effectively manage your marketplace presence, outsourcing these tasks to experienced professionals and strategic partners can be highly beneficial. Ecommerce marketplace services offer a range of expertise, including product listing optimization, inventory management, marketing, customer service and performance analysis. By leveraging their specialized knowledge and resources, you can streamline operations, drive growth and achieve your business goals more efficiently and effectively.

Invest in for marketplace services’s marketplace services offer a range of solutions. Our expert team can help you with everything from fulfillment and logistics to content optimization, demand forecasting, strategic ad management and day-to-day account management. Contact us today to find out more.

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